Shelley Hirsch

Stewart Uoo presents It's Get Better IV - Shelley Hirsch, 2016

Shelley Hirsch / Joke Lanz at NK in Berlin 7/2011

Hirsch / Fred Frith at Yoshis in San Francisco 9/2011

'Amidst' with Ursula Scherrer and Flo Kaufman at
The Lab in San Francisco 2010

Hirsch / Christian Marclay performance at Roulette 12/2009

Hirsch and The Shaking Ray Levis @ Roulette
interview and performance excerpts 2009

Hirsch and Polly Cotton ensemble (collaboration with Simon Ho) 2007

Hirsch's Bernard Herrmann Project with Ilan Katin
Live visuals @ Comic Meets Theater Festival, Halle Germany 2006:

Bernard Herrmann Video (mp4)

Performance on Roulette TV of Hirschs composition "States" 2001

Talk Slice from "For Jerry" virtual Duet with Jerry Hunt
Live at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin 1999

Rant from "For Jerry" virtual Duet with Jerry Hunt

"Shelley Hirsch" Article by Anne LaBaron:

Shelley Hirsch @ MySpace: MySpace (video & audio)

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