Shelley Hirsch

Shelley Hirsch @ SoundCloud: SoundCloud (audio)

Shelley Hirsch @ YouTube: YouTube (video & audio)

Shelley Hirsch @ MySpace: MySpace (video & audio)

Shelley Hirsch: The Body Remembers featuring Michael J. Schumacher and Joanna Mattrey

Shelley Hirsch Improvisations At Home featuring Cleek Shrey

Shelley Hirsch - Generating Text In Quarantine In Several Parts

Shelley Hirsch & Alexei Pliousnine - Improvisation 4 (BalconyTV)

Excerpt of her piece States performed at Artists Space NYC, NY August /2016

In The Mercurius Wagon

Excerpt from an end of residency presentation at QueensLab

From a performance in Barcelona Spain 2019

How stories come out of the body

Performance with Katherine Liberovskaya video and Marcia Bassett
electronics 2018

Bomb Magazine Shelley Hirsch Interview

Shelley Hirsch: The Flourishing Fields of Reception 4/2018

Shelley Hirsch / Joke Lanz at NK in Berlin 7/2011

Hirsch / Fred Frith at Yoshis in San Francisco 9/2011

'Amidst' with Ursula Scherrer and Flo Kaufman at
The Lab in San Francisco 2010

Hirsch / Christian Marclay performance at Roulette 12/2009

Hirsch and The Shaking Ray Levis @ Roulette
interview and performance excerpts 2009

Hirsch and Polly Cotton ensemble (collaboration with Simon Ho) 2007

Hirsch's Bernard Herrmann Project with Ilan Katin
Live visuals @ Comic Meets Theater Festival, Halle Germany 2006:

Bernard Herrmann Video (mp4)

Talk Slice from "For Jerry" virtual Duet with Jerry Hunt
Live at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin 1999

Rant from "For Jerry" virtual Duet with Jerry Hunt

"Shelley Hirsch" Article by Anne LaBaron:

A Performance of States in 1999 at Kippy’s Camp

Shelley Hirsch - The Storage House-Work in Progress

DUETS - Shelley Hirsch(voice) & Kazuhisa Uchihashi(guitar and daxophone).
Video from performance at Angelica Festival , Bologna Italy 2015

Shelley Hirsch - Artist Statement for The Storage House work in progress

Roulette TV The Shaking Ray Levis' with Shelley Hirsch 2009

Long excerpt of Hirsch's performance/composition "States" at Artist Space 8/2016

Hirsch and Joke Lanz performing at Cafe Oto in London 2015

DUETS - Shelley Hirsch & Kazuhisa Uchihashi improv 2015.
At at film shoot in Berlin for Kazuhisas film in memorial for Hans Reichel.
Shot by Kae Uchihashi.

"Stage 1: A Query" Hirsch's Piece Book-Bark-Tree-Skin-Line.
An excerpt of a structured improvisation with turntable player
Joke Lanz at National Sawdust in 6/2016

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